Time is running out on your summer…

Are you feeling panicky trying to capture all the moments of your summer? I know when August rolls around I get this panicky feeling of “oh no! I was going to go to the beach more this summer and have a big BBQ at my house. Or maybe replant the flower beds in the backyard and install a bee colony (okay maybe not the bee colony)”. Then August arrived and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything and time is up!

(Spending time with my Mom in Texas!)

This month we¹re focusing on skincare shortcuts. It’s all about time saving advice on how to maximise the time in your life. From getting out the door faster to exercising more efficiently and even getting dinner on the table. Here’s how to look beautiful and how to do it all quickly. We know you want to get to the “juice”, the heart of your summer and not spend time on maintenance!

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