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From Sunrise to Sunset Genie’s Cashmere Blush will give you sun-kissed radiance through the Summer months!  

Able to brighten up your entire face, the Cashmere Blush is quiet the multi-tasker. Be it a bronzed complexion or a dazzling highlight, this blush to bronzer is perfect for all you golden goddesses. With its endless talents it can also be used as both a gorgeous finishing powder, on top of a full face of make-up, or great for those no make-up, make-up days to awaken the complexion.

Our Blush has ‘been through the mill’! No, it literally has, not once but three times. Known in the cosmetic industry as the ‘triple-milled process’, this will ensure that every application provides even, consistent coverage that is long lasting. What is triple-milled makeup I hear you ask? Well dear reader, this is when the minerals used in any given formula are sent through the mill three times each to become smoother, finer and softer. Minerals in make-up start their life as a similar consistency to sand and after the milling process turn into more of a clay like texture, meaning that when they reach our skin there is a silky, cream like quality. This technique provides a quality product that gives an effective performance. We want our Genie Beauties to have the crème de la crème of Blushers, to be able to achieve looks like the professionals and feel confident doing so.

In order to recreate a naturally flawless look, we have injected 22 different colour pigments into the Cashmere Blush. Along with an assortment of skin loving ingredients that include Vitamin E, Soy Protein and Aloe Vera. Its skin kind make-up at its finest. Be it a peachy coral complexion with gold undertones (Sunrise) or a dusty rose with bronze highlights (Sunset) we have you covered with 2 different shades.

Genie Cashmere Blush 3g • Sunrise • RRP £18.00

Inspired by a beautiful Californian sunshine, this Cashmere Blush in shade Sunrise is a peachy, golden tone. Perfectly suitable for use on the eyelids as an eye shadow for those wanting to make their eye colour pop. We find the Sunrise shade works perfectly for those who are more likely to wear gold jewellery.

Genie Cashmere Blush 3g • Sunset • RRP £18.00

Inspired by an idyllic Sunset this shade is a gorgeous dusty rose with a bronze highlight. Applicable too many skin tone, this blush is also great for use on the eyelids to create an eye to cheek matching look. Perfect for all you silver jewellery wearers.

How to use: 

Swirl the powder onto a brush. Apply to the apple of your cheeks and sweep in one direction toward your hairline. When applying blush, less is best. Apply to your daily make-up routine after foundation and top up throughout the day if required. Watch the video here.

Dabble in a pop of colour this Summer! #InstantEffects #GenieBeautyUK

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