SOLD OUT! Monslay.

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of team Genie UK. QVC Guest Presenter: Gemma Holmes. 

Today was a good day in the Genie UK calendar. We had our first air time with our fabulous new guest presenter Gemma Holmeson QVC.UK and my o my did she come out with a bang. First sell out show – Check! Gemma is a true #GenieBeauty, take her career for example not only does she own her own boutique (Odyl Boutique), but also doubles as TV presenter and stylist. We therefore couldn’t imagine a safer pair of hands to give you all the inside scoop on all things Genie Beauty.

As a proper introduction we set aside some time to ask Gemma about all things beauty and gain her perspective on the brand. Here is what she had to say:

  • How did you get into the world of beauty?
    I first started working on the shop floor at Harvey Nichols for Shiseido when I was 18 and at Drama school. I learnt all kinds of make up techniques and it was my first foray into the luxury skincare industry. I loved it!
  • Where do you shop for beauty?
    I shop at qvc mostly or online. I’m really lucky that beauty expert Alison Younggives out such fantastic advice. If you don’t follow Ali on her website or blog, you must! She really is amazing- what she doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing!
  • When did you first discover Genie?
    I’m a relatively new Genie convert but I’m blown away by the fantastic products, it’s like my dream come true to work for such a brilliant brand.
  • What is your favourite product from the Genie range? (Both skincare and make-up.) 
    Make up – it has to be the mascara. I was blown away the first time I used it, now I wouldn’t ever use any other mascara ever again!! Skincare- I adore instant line smoother, it’s unbeatable and is the longest standing and best product in the market of temporary skin smoothers and line fixers. it’s the original and the best, in my opinion.
  • How did you get into TV presenting?
    I went to drama school and loved the television side of the training. I applied to the BBC for a weather  position 1997, where I undertook meteorological training and have never looked back.
  • What was the last make-up item you used? And your most recent skincare purchase?
    My Genie mascara! no word of a lie. My last purchase was from AD Skin Synergy, their cleansing balm has to be a dessert island product for me.
  • You have £200 to spend on Genie. What products do you choose?
    The million dollar mascaradream creamline smootherblusherconcealer– I think I would break the bank as I want it all!
  • What’s next on your beauty shopping list?
    I will be purchasing revitalash when it’s next at QVCas it’s a brilliant treatment to make sure my mascara is on point every day.

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