Superglide Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

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90 Seconds to Waterproof, Smudge Proof, NO Budge Beauty!!

Here’s waterproof, cryproof, sweatproof, meltproof beauty in only 90 seconds. Yes, 90 seconds to dry and then lasts all day. Stop skipping, tugging and pulling your eyeliner with this specially formulated waterproof gel eyeliner. Instantly transform your lash line by making it look darker, richer and thicker. This super-slick texture glides easily across your lash line, making it super easy to apply and dries in just 90 seconds. In a single stroke, you’ve got bigger and better looking eyes.

Superglide Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

This waterproof liner is also a long wear product meaning a no smudge, no fuss mess if you accidentally rub your eye. It’s even supersized so you’ve got your new favourite liner for quite some time. Above all, there’s two shades; Espresso and Blackest Black and even a sharpener included too!


  • Super-slick texture glides easily across your lashline making it super-easy to apply.
  • WaterProof, CryProof, SweatProof, MeltProof.
  • Dries down to no-budge-beauty in 90 seconds, feel confident knowing this eyeliner will stay in place.
  • Easy, Easy, Easy, this gel in a pencil combines great texture and ease of use with no brushes necessary.
  • Deposits colour in a single stroke, so you don’t need multiple applications.
  • A long wear eye liner that doesn’t come off until you take it off.
  • Super-sized (1.3 grams) to give you FOUR TIMES as much product as an average size eyeliner.
  • Available in Espresso and Blackest Black.


  • Special TMS ingredient stops skipping, tugging or pulling.
  • Skin-loving ingredients help improve spread-ability, weightlessness and moisture.
  • Ultra-pigmented mica silicates give you incredible colour adhesion.
  • Won’t dry out or break, this pencil housing is AES, not wood so it keeps the formulation moist.
  • Convenient sharpener features German-made blade for a fresh start every time you sharpen.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Dermatologist.
  • Fragrance free.


Weight 1 lbs

Espresso, Black



How do I use it: First, make sure the tip is sharpened to a point. For a fine line, draw a line close to your lashline. The closer you get to your lashline, the more natural look you will achieve. For a smoky, sexy look, smudge the liner with a small brush before the 90 second setting time.
GENIE TIP: If you are over 45, do not use eyeliner on your lower lid. You want your eyes to look lifted and eyeliner on the bottom lid draws attention downward.

If you are over 45, do not use eyeliner on your lower lid.  You want your eyes to look lifted and eyeliner on the bottom lid draws attention downward.

Tightlining an old technique with a new name.  Tightlining means lining the upper and lower inner rims of your eyes or waterlines of your eyes.  This is really easy to do with the Superglide gel eyeliner.  I would suggest only lining the inside of the top lids and I only do it for special occasions, dinners out . . . What you’re going to love about the SUPERGLIDE is if your eyes water while tightlining, this gel doesn’t run.

13 reviews for Superglide Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

  1. Rosanne Duvall

    Sounds so Fantastic can’t wait !!

  2. Karen

    This Product is a Winner!! “I have been using a “very” expensive black eyeliner as it seemed to be the only one that would line my lower water/lash line. But I was delighted to have this demo’ed for me by Nikki on the show and it worked so well on her that I purchased the kit. I took a huge breath before using as I just didn’t want to be disappointed “one more time” but this only took ONE swipe on my lower water line and it was so pigmented I didn’t need to even go over it. FANTASTIC! I do the tightlining already – which is using the liner on the upper lash line. Once you’ve done this, your entire eye will look fuller, and so much better than without using the tightlining affect. I have now purchased the duel Mascara and waiting for it to arrive. THANKS GENIE, this product is a winner.”

  3. Anna

    My FAVORITE Pencil! “I am loving this eyeliner! It is so soft and pigmented! I think I may have found my favorite pencil!”

  4. Hadia

    I Love this eyeliner! I have tried so many eyeliners and this is the only one that stays all day and doesn’t run or smudge. It glides so easily and the color is super Black.

  5. Mali

    Superglide for sure! “This is the easiest eyeliner to apply, that I have ever used! I personally have not had any issues with smudging. It is creamy and feels really soft and does not pull on the delicate skin around your eyes. I have the Espresso which is still quite dark. I love how easy it is to apply!”

  6. Anna

    Outstanding Product! “The best eyeliner I’ve ever used, and I’ve used many over 30 years. Stays put, does not smudge and is waterproof! An absolute must for dramatic eyes.”

  7. Gemma

    It’s pretty Amazing!! “OH MY GOSH! I love this eyeliner! It’s so black and glides on so effortlessly. For a pencil liner, I can get a nice sharp line with easy precision, OR I can blend it out for a subtle smoky eye. It is also a plus that it is waterproof.”

  8. Sandra

    I can’t say enough about this gel eyeliner. You just have to try it to believe it… it goes on smooth and stays on all day long. I don’t have to re-apply or soften since it’s a soft like formula.
    I highly recommend this product.

  9. Wendy Ann

    At my age, I had given up on eyeliners quite some time ago – they would always smear, smudge and get in the middle crease of my eye and I hated that!! After seeing a video on tight lining on their FB page, I loved that look and thought I would give it a try. Was skeptical about it being so a gel, but it slides on smoothly and lasts all day till you take it off. It’s amazing! Over 40’s you’ve got to try this!!

  10. Lily

    The Holy Grail! “This is my ultimate liner for long days and events!! No more embarrassing panda eyes!”

  11. Lori Kinder

    This eyeliner is the best I’ve ever used! Easy to apply, creamy, but not runny and stays put until I take it off – doesn’t bleed at all! Love, Love, Love it!

  12. Diana Canto

    I had already given up on eyeliner. I am highly sensitive to almost all eyeliners on the market except this one. As an optometrist I can say that I’m extremely picky about my eye product and eye make up and this WATERPROOF gel eyeliner is the best eyeliner in the market. When you apply it, it starts off as a gel and dries making it waterproof and smudge proof. I also don’t have to do any tugging on my eyelid because it blends so smoothly. I tried the Black color and love it.

  13. Lee

    The BEST Eyeliner Ever!! “This eyeliner is and does exactly what it promises! Love it, love it, love it!!!”

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