Make Me Blush Anti-Ageing Cream Blush with Small Kabuki Brush

£20.00 inc. Vat; GB 424 9062 57

Like a natural look? Then this is the one for you. The first time you touch the creamy, smooth blush, you’ll know it’s something different! This blush gives skin that fresh pop of colour as if you just blushed! In seconds, it transforms from cream to powder and lasts all day to give a natural-looking wash of colour to transform eyes, lips and cheeks into that rosy “baby lips” glow.

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Make Me Blush Anti-Ageing Cream Blush with Small Kabuki Brush

£20.00 inc. Vat; GB 424 9062 57

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Great for eyes, lips and cheeks and the perfect pop of colour for busy women,  this compact blush perks up the whole face. As a buildable colour, it’s the hottest new trend in colour cosmetics and is the easiest way to give your skin a fresh, radiant glow. Buildable Color means that the colour is formulated to be layered on top of itself. One application will give you a sheer wash of colour. Two applications give you a more definite pop of colour. Three applications definitely deepen the intensity of and is great for evenings out. The choice is yours.

These colour-infused reflective pigments create a beautiful glow instantly. Created with light reflective pigments, it adds a natural, rosy glow to the cheeks, and a conditioning kiss of colour to the eyes and lips. This lightweight, creamy texture glides on the skin effortlessly and will not grab or drag on the skin to lay in lines and wrinkles.

You control the colour, from a sheer wash of colour to a more dramatic look in seconds. Its up to you! Instant, more youthful-looking skin, why not add a natural radiance to lips, cheeks and eyes?

All Natural

  • Micronised minerals give skin a natural glow.

New Cosmetic Technology

  • Allows easy, creamy application that transforms into a matte, powdery, radiant finish.

Goof Proof

  • You’ll never again put on too much colour. A wash of colour allows you to build up to the coverage you desire. And if you apply it in the wrong place you have a couple of minutes to adjust it before it dries down to a powdery, matte finish.

Natural Effect

  • Colour-infused reflective pigments create a beautiful glow instantly without gloss, glitter or metallics.

Universal shade

  • This amazing shade works with almost all skin types.


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This product feels so different, why?

The advanced technology used in this formula is easily detectable by the feel of this unique product. The sheer, creamy color will “set” after a few minutes and transform into a matte, powdery finish.

What does “buildable” mean?

You control the color. You can apply one sheer layer for all over color or layer it to be used as blush, eye shadow or lip color.

How does this color work?

The micronized minerals are color-infused reflective pigments. The color is dimensional so that as the light bounces off of it the eye sees a soft color. The color also reflects your natural skin tone so that what someone sees when they look at you is you, only with more soft, rosy color.


For Fresh, Healthy Cheeks

Apply Make Me Blush over foundation or onto clean skin. Use your fingers as the warmth of your fingers transforms the creamy formulation into a silky wash of color. Dot the apple of your cheek and blend it out onto your cheekbone. Use sparingly at first and build the depth of color desired by adding layers.

To Use as Blush

Apply Make Me Blush, build the layers to create the depth of color you desire.

For Wide-Open Eyes

Using your fingertips or eyeshadow brush, blend color over your entire eye area. You can create a variety of looks. Apply over whole eye area when you are on the go! Blend with your favorite powdered eye shadows mixing textures gives you a more modern look! Apply Make Me blush over your eyelid and use a lighter powder shade under your brow.

For a more dramatic look, build another layer over Make Me Blush color.

For Natural-Looking Lips

Apply with fingertips or lip brush. Apply to the center of each lip and work your way out to the corners. Create a different look by applying over your favorite lip color or apply your favorite lip gloss over Make Me Blush.


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