[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Finding the perfect makeup for your skin type, lifestyle and habits is a lifetime journey of trial and error. At Genie Beauty we want to remove that “error” from your search with our perfect line of Genie Beauty makeup products. Genie Beauty has been featured for years on QVC and televisions around the globe. Genie Beauty makeup products include:

  • concealers
  • foundations
  • blushes
  • mascara
  • makeup kits
  • and tools

Genie Beauty makeup products ensure you always have what you need to keep that perfect look.

When searching for a new makeup brand or the best makeup available Genie Beauty is always at the top of the list. Founded and owned by Lisa Claycomb Genie Beauty works to help you find and own the best makeup products available. Whether you are looking for “nude” style makeup that keeps a natural look or a makeup that covers blemishes and fine lines with little effort our Genie Beauty line of makeups has the right options for you.

How to choose the right makeup? When shopping for and researching makeup products it can become overwhelming. The makeup industry is controlled by marketing and glitz; neither of which helps you pick the right makeup for your skin type and lifestyle. When looking for makeup Genie Beauty advises that you:

  • Understand your skin type – is your skin light, fair, dark, prone to acne, oily or dry?
  • Know your habits – do you need something that is easy to apply, easy to maintain, and simple to remove?
  • Address any allergies or delicate skin – what triggers breakouts? Has your body changed recently following the birth of a baby or the cycles of aging?
  • Be aware of ingredients that don’t work with you

There are a wide selection of makeups available on the market and picking the right brand of makeup is a big decision… we know. Genie Beauty has won several awards over the years from QVC shoppers who are ecstatic about the results they received from our makeup products. Genie Beauty blush makeups provide the perfect splash of color with your skin for the look you are going for.

Ever wonder what the professionals use? Would it be too self serving to say Genie Beauty! In fact Patty Bunch is one of our biggest fans and has produced a number of our how to videos. She is famous as the makeup artist to the stars. If it is good enough for super high definition TV then our makeups should be perfect for everyday too.

Searching the internet for the best makeup can be an overwhelming process. We invite you to spend some time on Genie Beauty looking at our makeup products, watching the how-to videos, and discovering for yourself the best makeup available. We look forward to helping you live the life you want with the makeup that is right for you.[/vc_column_text]

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