[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Genie Beauty designed our makeup and skincare products with real people in mind. All of them are designed with ease of application and solid results as the focus. To this end it is important to discuss some makeup tips to help apply the makeup products, match them with skincare solutions and beauty techniques that work.

When discussing makeup tips it is important to consider your lifestyle and needs. Some key makeup tips for Genie Beauty products is that these makeups and skincare products provide instant benefits. One of the things that has made Genie Beauty so amazingly popular is that we have demonstrated and provided makeup tips direct to our beauties via QVC and other TV shows.

Take a peek at our tips and tricks page to watch one of our many video tutorials with amazing makeup tips. Patty Bunch, makeup artist to the stars, will share with you her makeup tips and how she used those makeup tips with her celebrity clients. These tips are not hard to accomplish and will result in a look that gives you the confidence and beauty you seek.

When looking for good makeup tips you want to consider both the technique and the product. Makeup is applied to the face and applying the wrong makeups or makeups not designed for long term use can have detrimental impacts on your facial skin health.

Makeup tips are also derived by your skin type. Do you have a fair complexion that easily breaks out? Or do you have dark skin that stays acne free? Understanding your skin type will help you formulate a makeup plan that makes sense. Applying makeup is not a matter of imitating photos from Instagram but also understanding the look, shape of face, and colors that fit your look. What is your hair color, style, and shape? What type of lighting are you going to be dealing with? Are you a working personality on stage or a woman that has a family and the demands of a busy day?

Quick Makeup Tips:

  • Don’t skimp on product. Makeup is applied direct to your most visible part of your body. Ensuring that it is of high quality both in ingredients and design is incredibly important. A few extra dollars now will save you a lot of heartache later.
  • A little goes a long way. At Genie Beauty we design all of our products to be lightweight and easy to apply. By using a solid foundation of ingredients we eliminate the need for you to “cake it on” instead allowing for excellent results with low volumes of product.
  • Consistency is important. For daily wear makeup it is important to set a routine and stay consistent in it. As real people dealing with other real people we use makeup to put our best look forward day in and day out. If you are changing up looks regularly (or daily) you will draw attention to your makeup rather than YOU.
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