Makeup Inspired by Downton Abbey

Like many trends in the fashion and beauty industry, we recycle many looks and concepts that remain timeless from past decades.

With the recent launch of the beloved Downton Abbey Film, we couldn’t resist a trip down memory lane. So we decided to delve a little deeper into the beauty of the flawless flappers. From Lady Mary to Zelda Fitzgerald, the roaring 1920’s is seen to influence modern day beauty in many ways.

The 1920’s welcomed a new approach to a relatively new make-up industry. We took two main trends from this era, our favourites –  A dark lip and kohl-rimmed eyes. It was the first time cosmetics were starting to be bought on a regular basis. And so our addition to makeup starts!

With restricted variables, lip colours were restricted to a deep red shade being the only lipstick available. With dark lips a firm favourite in the 20’s, lip liner made a welcomed appearance to emphasise the cupids’ bow on the upper lip. A trend that would lead the perfect pout pandemic of the modern day. The 1920’s invented the ‘Selfie’ smoulder!

Mascara was a far cry from our wondrous wand applicators in their sleek tubes that we know and love today. Think small brush and more wax pot. With a wax like texture, water was key to loosening the black wax mascara. Allowing it to become a paste that our lovely ladies would paint on their lashes to darken and tint them for a finished make-up look. Imagine that, having to paint your lashes on everyday! What we do without our mascara wands?!

We noticed this 1920’s inspiration in Molly Goddard’s collection in London Fashion Week 2019. As well as influencing other premium beauty brands such as Dior, Christian Louboutin and even Tatcha dabbling in the look. Several companies including Elizabeth Arden are routed in 1920’s heritage, it’s an era that very much lives on in the present.

To recreate the following Lady Mary look, try our genie beauty product line up. For a youthful complexion, opt for our Instant Line Smoother. Follow with our Full Coverage Line Smoothing Concealer to hide any blemishes or dark circles. Then apply a touch of Make Me Blush to the lip and apple of the cheeks. Finish the look with a bold eye using our Superglide Gel Eyeliner, obviously in your colour preference. Add the Million Dollar Lash Kit to the line up for a pristine eye finish. Your now ready for your Downton debut. Lady Mary eat your heart out!

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