Genie SOS

To say this winter has been crazy and atypical would be an understatement. We’ve been hit with cold temps and rain and the south east has been unseasonably warm and then hit with massive bouts of rain. Even the “in-between” towns have had a little bit of everything in-between!

I don’t know about you but my skin doesn’t know what to do!  So, here’s the secret. It’s not really the weather that is affecting your skin, it’s the forced hot air inside your home and office that is sucking the life out of your skin!

Here’s how to SOS (Save our Skin):

1) Now let’s move onto your face with Genie Dream Cream.

Consider the idea in giving your skin a little detox. It’s time to lay off the more aggressive routines and maybe give your skin a 30 day break from the alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids. Remember, you have 3 minutes (clinically proven) to lock in moisture to your skin.  So immediately after cleansing, apply Genie Dream Cream.

2) Next up, the Genie H’eye’drator. 

Obviously for use around your eye, it’s even safe to use on our darkened and droopy under eye area. Not forgetting around the periorbital bone (right under your eyebrow) for an extra pick me up.  A LITTLE TIP:  Dab a little above your upper lip, that’s right between your lip and nose to reduce vertical lip lines from forming or becoming any deeper.

3) AND the final touch . . .  Genie Colour Correcting Powder.

Perfect for skin redness, or skin that’s irritated or angry-looking. The malachite extract in this formula is anti-inflammatory, meaning it helps calm your skin as well as counterbalancing the redness in your skin.  Once the Colour Correcting powder hits the redness it immediately controls the red look. 


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