7 Tips to Surviving the Rest of Summer!

I thought everyone might need a little boost to make it through to the end of summer. Here are 7 tips to help you keep your cool for the remainder of the summer…

1) Remember Sun cream – I know this sounds obvious but I want to remind you because it is the number one reason why your skin wrinkles, becomes splotchy and discoloured, and looks like a dried up sponge! This is one of my top “secrets” to having younger-looking skin – I wear SPF50 underneath all my make-up. There is no such thing as a “safe” tan or a “little colour”. When your skin changes colour it is in response to damage.

2) If you want to add some colour to your skin…go for a walk, do some yoga! This will help bring blood into your cheeks give you some natural “colour” and bring more oxygen to your skin cells which equals healthier looking skin. Some like to use self-tanner OR use Genie Make Me Blush all over like you would a bronzer!

3) Put your eye cream in the fridge!  This will not damage the ingredients or performance and will feel like a spa treatment when you apply morning and night…

4) Try switching your foundation, I switch from our Line Smoothing (liquid) foundation to our Line Smoothing Cashmere (minerals) in the summer.  What’s particularly great about the Cashmere Mineral Foundation is that it is water-resistant, sweat-proof and has a natural SPF15  in it.  Our shades also match in the liquid and the mineral so if you are a Medium shade in the liquid, you will be a medium in the Cashmere Mineral.  

5) Stop the shine! At the very least use a transparent, finishing powder (like Genie Cashmere Powder) to mattify your skin.  The best part about this product is that it is invisible on your skin and does not emphasise lines and wrinkles.  It’s the quickest, easiest way to look “finished” without a lot of work. Also it’s a great product to use to set your make-up. If you are using liquid foundation – it’s the best way to make sure there is no “meltdown” occurring during this last hot month!

6) You’ve heard that tea bags help reduce puffiness but so does Genie Instant Line Smoother. If you are DIY whizz and want to try a little spa treatment at home I love this idea of creating green tea ice cubes and using them to relax and refresh your eyes. Just remember to put a napkin between your skin and the ice cube so you don’t burn your skin. Get started here!

7) Here’s a cute and easy way to get your hair up. I like mine off of my neck for an easy, breezy cute summer style.

Here’s to staying Flawless and Fabulous (and cool!)

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